Props and Character modification I designed while working on the Total Drama series, and some others.

All Total Drama Designs are property of Fresh TV/Elliott.

  • Role Funpack Designer
  • Date 2012 - 2013
  • Type Television Production

Objects of Evil

Leech Gun Rotation

Gun rack

Smart Phone

Smart Phone 2


Character's Ice Cream Sundaes at various

Character Covered in Giant Meatball

Character Covered in Meat Sauce

Character in Chair Covered in Meat Sauce

Makeshift Cage

Naked 2 Headed Rat

Custom Pose of Character's Foot and Shoe

Treasure Chest Smashed Over Character

Beat Up Version Of Character

Papoose with 2 Headed Naked Rat

Wet Hair Version of Character

Trash Covered Version of Character

Bacon Hat/Sausage Tail

Giant Boxing Gloves Rotation

DVD Case and Box of DVDs

Tree, Tree Branch Rotation

Tree Branch Rotation Animation

I Designed the Back View of the Jeep

Old Laundry

Painting Before and After (parody of ruined Jesus Fresco painting)

Boulder and Chains

Cave Vines

I Designed the Back View of the Snowmobile

Back Wheel Animation

Front View of Treasure Chest from Opening Sequence

Treasure Chest Opening Animation


Eagle Coin

Random Junk Yard Items

Big Ben

Butter Sculpture Fish


Vase in Stages

Rope Wall

Makeshift Hammer

Envelope and Contract

Ice Cream Snow Man

Stick with Jelly

Junk Yard Objects

Various Keys

AV Room Cords